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<<nobr>><</nobr>><<goto fin-demo>>[img["images/ui/logo.svg"]] <p>This game has adult content. Please only continue if you're over 18.</p> [[Start New Game|1-day-1]] <<nobr>><label id="true-noir-toggle"> True Noir Mode <input type="checkbox" onchange="toggleTrueNoir()"/> </label><</nobr>> <p class="link-wrapper pad">Story by <a class="link" href="" target="none">Cisco Donovan</a></p> <p class="link-wrapper">Art by <a class="link" href="" target="none">Søft</a></p>By H.H Richards <p class="version">v0.2.0-demo</p><<nobr>><div id="credits"> <p>Art by <a href="" target="none">Søft</a></p> <p>Story by <a href="" target="none">Cisco Donovan</a></p> </div><</nobr>><<goto "Menu">><<set $game="1">> <<if visited() == 1>>I need you to monitor this photo feed and flag photos of people in Red Hats. Very simple. Think you can handle that? <<else>>Anything else? <</if>> <<include '1-1-menu'>><<nobr>> <<once 'Who are you?|1-1-scarlett-boss'>> <<once 'Why are we doing this?|1-1-why'>> <<if visited('1-1-menu') == 1>>\[[Ok|1-1-quiz-prelude]] <<else>>\[[Let's start|1-1-quiz-prelude]] <</if>> <</nobr>>I'm Agent Scarlett. Red Hat surveillance officer. Your new boss. <<nobr>> <<once 'Nice to meet you|1-1-greetings'>> <<include '1-1-menu'>> <</nobr>>Keep this professional and no-one gets hurt. <<include '1-1-menu'>>We think someone is spying on our Red Hat agents. We'd like to know who. So we've put trackers on a bunch of phones and cameras. <<nobr>> <<once 'Is that legal?|1-1-legal'>> <<include '1-1-menu'>> <</nobr>>Nope, that wasn't right. You've gotta tell us if you see a red hat in the picture. Otherwise, just skip forward. Let's try again. <<include 'tut-menu'>>I'm going to send you the feed. If you see a red hat in the picture, hit the red button to flag it. Otherwise, hit the yellow Skip button. <<nobr>> <<once 'Why?|1-1-why'>> [[Let's go|1-1-quiz]] <</nobr>><<set $game="1">> <<quiz 1 n y n n >> <<goto "quiz-loop">><<if visited() == 1>> That looks fine. Let's do a few more. <<else>>Enough chat, we've got work to do. <</if>> <<nobr>><<if !hasVisited("1-1-who-is-scarlett")>> [[Tell me more about you|1-1-who-is-scarlett]] <</if>><</nobr>> [[OK|1-2-start]]Yes. [[Alright|1-1-quiz-prelude]] [[Are you sure?|1-1-legal-2]]Yes. [[Alright|1-1-quiz-prelude]]<<if visited() == 1>>I don't have time for chat. Neither do you. <<else>>Are we done here? <</if>> <<include '1-1-scarlett-post-menu'>><<nobr>> <<once "What do you look like?|1-1-scarlett-selfie-1">> <<once "How long have you worked here?|1-1-scarlett-how-long">> [[No more questions|1-1-exit]] <</nobr>>So we can get some work done? [[Yes|1-2-start]]Too long. [[I see|1-1-who-is-scarlett]] [[Not very chatty are you|1-1-scarlett-chatty]]My agency profile is freely available. <<noirsvg "images/scarlett.svg">> [[Very public for a spy|1-1-public]] <<once 'How do you look today?|1-1-scarlett-selfie-2'>>I'm hiding in plain sight. [[Is that safe?|1-1-safe-profile]] <<once 'So how do you look today?|1-1-scarlett-selfie-2'>>Ok. Since you ask. <<noirsvg "images/1/1.1a.1.svg">> [[You're beautiful|1-1-totes-profesh]] [[You're hot|1-1-totes-profesh]] [[Thanks|1-1-who-is-scarlett]]You were supposed to notice my angry glare. Did you see my angry glare? [[Sorry|1-1-who-is-scarlett]] [[Very intimidating|1-1-intimidating]]Good. Are we done here? <<include '1-1-scarlett-post-menu'>>Nope. [[OK|1-1-who-is-scarlett]]Yes. <<once 'How do you look today?|1-1-scarlett-selfie-2'>> [[OK|1-1-who-is-scarlett]]Remember: hit the red hat button if you see anyone wearing a red hat. Literally couldn't be easier. [[Got it|1-2-quiz]] [[Thanks|1-2-quiz]]<<set $game="1">> <<quiz 2 y n n y >> <<goto "quiz-loop">> <<silently>> [[1-2-end]] <</silently>>Ah, something wasn't quite right there. Let's try that again. <<include 'tut-menu'>><<if visited('1-2-end') === 4>> <<goto '1-2-exit'>> <<elseif visited('1-2-end') === 1>> Heh. Nice. <<elseif visited('1-2-end') === 2>> Ready to get on? <<else>> Any more questions? <</if>> <<nobr>> <<if visited('1-2-end') == 1 >> <<once 'Who was that?|1-2-who-is-that-agent'>> <<else>> <<once 'Who was that girl?|1-2-who-is-that-agent'>> <</if>> <<once 'Do you see these pictures?|1-2-seeing-pictures'>> <<once 'Why are you called Red Hats?|1-2-why-red-hat'>> <<if visited('1-2-end') > 2 >><<once "No|1-2-exit">><</if>> <<if visited('1-2-end') == 2 >><<once "Yep|1-2-exit">><</if>> <</nobr>>You know what? We've made a good start there. Let's call it a day. I'll be in touch tomorrow. [[See you tomorrow!|1-3-start]]<<noirsvg "images/1/1.2a.1.svg">> ... Really? [[No backstory?|1-2-backstory]] [[So?|1-2-backstory]] [[Fair enough|1-2-end]]It's the hats, OK? We wear Red Hats. So we call ourselves the Red Hats. Satisfied? [[Sounds stupid|1-2-bad-disguise]] [[Satisfied|1-2-end]]Maybe you think the hats are too recognisable? Like I've never heard THAT one before. Maybe when you've run an international spy agency for 9 years, you can have an opinion. Until then, maybe keep it to yourself? [[Fine|1-2-end]] [[Sorry|1-2-no-apologies]]Don't apologise, it's weak. <<include '1-2-end'>>I don't even know. Nice rack though, huh? [[But she was an agent?|1-2-busty-agent]]Yep. Spies can be hot too, you know. In fact, it's a real help. Well, usually. [[How so?|1-2-help]] [[Good to know|1-2-end]]Social dynamics. Animal magnetisim. The primal drive. Sex sells, basically. [[Meaning?|1-2-help-2]] [[I see|1-2-end]]You need me to spell it out? Hot people earn trust more easily. They can go places, and get people to do things, that regular people can't. [[Makes sense|1-2-end]]Some of them. Anything you flag gets sent to me for analysis. [[What kind of analysis?|1-2-analysis]] [[Ok|1-2-end]]We build dossiers on everyone being tracked. If we want to understand who's spying on us, we've got to understand what they're looking for. Maybe one day we'll get lucky and catch a clue. [[Like what?|1-2-clue]] [[Cool|1-2-end]]Maybe a reflection. Maybe a pattern. Maybe a familiar face. I don't know. Stranger things have happened. [[I see|1-2-end]] <!-- Important: a start with a goto must not have a tag, or the transition breaks --><<goto "1-day-2">>Hi. Got some pretty pictures for you to look at. Reckon you can identify the ones with Red Hats? [[Yep|1-3-intro-2]] [[Let's do it|1-3-intro-2]]I'm sure we should be able write a computer program for this. [[Probably|1-3-intro-3]]Or train an ape. [[Haha|1-3-intro-4]] [[Whatever|1-3-quiz]]What's funny? [[Never mind|1-3-quiz]]<<set $game="1">> <<quiz 3 n y n y>> <<goto "quiz-loop">>I'm impressed. You actually noticed the hat in that picture. [[It was in the way|1-3-block]] [[She was naked!|1-3-naked]] [[That seems unprofessional|1-3-unprofessional]]Nothing gets past you huh. [[It's hot|1-4-start]] [[It's gross|1-4-start]] [[It's unprofessional|1-3-unprofessional]]Ah, that explains it. Well done for keeping your eyes open. [[Always|1-4-start]] [[Doing my best|1-4-start]]That's... that's not right. It's difficult isn't it? Clicking a flag when you see a red hat. I mean, it's gruelling work. Maybe you'll get it right next time? <<include 'tut-menu'>>So some of our people like to have a little fun. Live hard, die hard, you know? [[Sure|1-4-start]] [[If you say so|1-4-start]]Look, we're not here to judge, OK? [[Fine|1-4-start]] [[I am here to judge|1-3-judge-2]]Judge all you want. At the end of the day, no-one cares. [[Fine|1-4-start]] [[Nice|1-4-start]]Well, smut or no smut, the work goes on. Wipe yourself down and let's get to work. [[Ready|1-4-quiz]] [[Let's go|1-4-quiz]]That wasn't right. You're only supposed to flag the ones with Red Hats. Let's just go through that again. <<include 'tut-menu'>><<set $game="1">> <<quiz 4 n n y y>> <<goto "quiz-loop">><<if visited('1-4-enjoy-nudes') and visited('1-4-naked-people')>> <<goto '1-4-exit'>> <<elseif visited() == 1>> Good. You caught some spicy shots there, huh. <<else>>Ready for more? <</if>> <<include '1-4-menu'>><<nobr>> <<once "Do you enjoy the nudes?|1-4-enjoy-nudes">> <<once "Why are so many people naked?|1-4-naked-people">> <<once "Let's get on with it|1-4-exit">> <</nobr>>Uh, actually, something's come up. Let's leave it for today. Great job etc etc. [[Um, OK|1-5-start]] [[Bye|1-5-start]]Yeah, OK, it's kinda fun. But that's not the point. Come on, let's get on. [[Ok|1-4-quiz]]Don't get out much, do you? There's lots of stuff you can do naked. [[Can you show me an example?|1-4-example]] [[Like what?|1-4-other-example]] [[Yes but not on film?|1-4-money]]Keep dreaming kid. And keep your eyes to yourself. Like I do. [[But you're a spy|1-4-spy]]Like getting arrested. Upsetting your boss. Breaking a heart. [[Ok|1-4-end]] [[Wait, what?|1-4-experience]]Probably because you can make good money while naked, too. I don't know. Not my business. I keep my nose where it belongs. [[But you're a spy|1-4-spy]]I'm a surveillance agent. I watch who they tell me to watch, and I report what they tell me to report. If you're going to stick around here, you should do the same. [[Sounds like the voice of experience|1-4-experience]] [[OK boss|1-4-end]]Let's just say this is a dangerous game. Look, we should get some work done. [[OK|1-4-end]]Sure, watching other people's home movies keeps me up at night. [[Works for me|1-4-home-movies]] [[Let's move on|1-4-end]]Gross. [[What's next?|1-4-next]] [[Haha|1-4-end]]More photos, of course. Ready? <<include '1-4-menu'>>Depends on who's in the picture. [[So that's a yes|1-4-up-at-night]] [[OK, never mind|1-4-end]]<<goto "1-day-3">>Good afternoon snowflake. [[Snowflake?!|1-5-snowflake]] [[Are you flirting?|1-5-flirt]]Sorry, did I hurt your feelings? [[Whatever|1-5-quiz-prelude]]Yep. You caught me. I just can't stop my thumbs from loving you. [[Called it|1-5-quiz-prelude]] [[Whatever|1-5-quiz-prelude]]Come on, we've got work to do. [[Sure|1-5-quiz]] [[Fun!|1-5-quiz]]Something isn't right there. Can you try again? <<include 'tut-menu'>><<quiz 5 n n y n n n>> <<goto "quiz-loop">>Sneak attack!!! [[Um, hello?|1-5-cyanne-intro-2]] [[Activate Lasers!|1-5-activate-lasers!]]hahaha sorry, I didn't mean to SCARE YOU. 👻 [[I'm not scared|1-5-not-scared]] [[Who is this?|1-5-who-dis]]Lasers?! Crap, my only weakness! OK, you got me, have mercy 🙏 [[I am prepared to be merciful|1-5-who-dis][$leadin to "merciful"]] [[Only if you tell me who you're working for!|1-5-who-dis][$leadin to "working-for"]]Oh. Well, this is awkward. Look, I'm Cyanne. Agent Cyanne actually. Hang on, let me do this properly... [[If you like|1-5-cyanne-selfie]] [[...|1-5-cyanne-selfie]]<<nobr>> <<if $leadin is "merciful">> You are too gracious. <<elseif $leadin is "working-for">> OK, I'll tell you everything, please just no more lasers! <<else>> hehe! <</if>> <<unset $leadin>> <</nobr>> I'm Agent Cyanne. Wait, where are my manners... [[...|1-5-cyanne-selfie]]Hi! <<noirsvg "images/1/1.5a.1.svg">> [[Well hello there|1-5-cyanne-supervisor]] [[Hello beautiful!|1-5-cyanne-supervisor]] [[😍|1-5-cyanne-supervisor]]hehe 😂 I'm actually a supervisor for the agency. [[You're a Red Hat?|1-5-red-hat]] [[You're cute|1-5-cute]]Yep! I mean, technically I'm sort of your boss? But, like, only very technically. [[Pleasure to be under you|1-5-boss]] [[You're cute|1-5-cute]]Pleasure's all mine! 😂😂😂 [[Haha|about-scarlett]] [[😂|about-scarlett]]Thanks 🥰 I've got your picture here on file, you're not so bad yourself. <<include '1-5-options'>>[[Uh, what?|1-5-what]] [[What else do you know about me?|1-5-what-else]]😉 <<include 'about-scarlett'>>Hehe, wouldn't you like to know? 😉 [[Yes, actually|about-scarlett]]OK, seriously. I just wanted to reach out and say hello. I'm very hands-on, you know? I like to get to know all my analysts. I, uh, notice you're working for Agent Scarlett. [[Yep|1-5-about-scarlett-2]]Ouch. What's she like? Mean? I bet she's mean. [[She's nice actually|1-5-scarlett-nice]] [[Yes, she's mean|1-5-scarlett-mean]] [[I'm not sure yet|1-5-scarlett-unsure]]REALLY. You know, I think you're the first person to ever say that. You must have a really sweet heart. [[Or I'm evil too|1-5-evil]] [[Thanks|1-5-exit-cyanne]]True. Guess I'll have to keep an eye on you 😉 [[Guess so!|1-5-exit-cyanne]] [[👀|1-5-exit-cyanne]]Yeah, we've had trouble before. Don't let her push you around. And if she gives you shit just let me know, OK? [[Thanks|1-5-exit-cyanne]]Yeah, I get it. Say no more. Just watch your back with that one, that's all. [[What do you mean?|1-5-scarlett-mean]] [[Ok|1-5-exit-cyanne]]Alright, I gotta run. Nice talking to you - I'll drop you a line soon, make sure everything is OK! 😘 [[Bye!|1-6-start]]<<goto "1-day-4">><<set $game="1">> <<quiz 6 y n n n y n>> <<goto "quiz-loop">>Nope, that's not right. Let's try that again. <<include 'tut-menu'>>So. I gather Cyanne introduced herself. [[What's her deal?|1-6-cyanne-deal]] [[She seemed nice|1-6-cyanne-nice]]Good question. She's barely been at the agency a year but she bounces around like she owns the place. One low-cut dress in the boardroom and boom, she's got management sucking her teat. [[Teat?|1-6-teat]] [[Jealous much?|1-6-jealous]] [[Yeah she sucks|1-6-quiz-start]]You heard me. [[You sound jealous|1-6-jealous]] [[Yeah she sucks|1-6-quiz-start]]Of her fat tits? Unlikely. At least I know what I am. [[Sorry|1-6-sorry]] [[And what's that?|1-6-what-are-you]] [[Ok then|1-6-quiz-start]]Annoyed. [[I see|1-6-quiz-start]] [[Sorry|1-6-sorry]]I told you, don't apologise. It's weak. I hate weakness. [[OK|1-6-quiz-start]]I'm sure she does. I'll bet she sent you a nice selfie, too. [[She did actually|1-6-cyanne-nice-2]]Nice low-cut dress? I'll bet it made a real impression. [[Jealous much?|1-6-jealous]] [[Worked for me|1-6-quiz-start]]I guess we'd better dredge through more shitty art student photo feeds huh? Sorry. Long night. [[Sure, let's go|1-6-quiz]] [[Date?|1-6-date]]Keep your nose out it. [[Alright|1-6-quiz]] [[Let's go|1-6-quiz]]I can't believe Cyanne is sniffing around you aready. [[Yeah, it's awful|1-6-epilogue]] [[It doesn't seem so bad|1-6-epilogue]]She's always had it in for me. Ever since... Well. I wonder what she's after. [[I'm sure it's nothing|1-7-start]] [[Guess we'll find out|1-7-start]]Yeah. Anyway, there's more photos coming through. [[Where do they come from?|1-7-photos]] [[Let's go|1-7-quiz]]<<set $game="1">> <<quiz 7 n y n n y n n n >> <<goto "quiz-loop">>I'm getting an error here, analyst. You must have done something wrong. Take another shot. <<include 'tut-menu'>>Looks like that's it for today. Thanks. [[No problem|1-7-cyanne-intro]] [[See you later|1-7-cyanne-intro]]The photos come from all sorts of feeds. We've bugged devices all across the city. Phones. Cameras. Traffic lights. Really cool stuff. [[So it's not one person?|1-7-multiple-photographers]] [[Uh that's not cool|1-7-not-cool]]Look, if you're gonna give me some privacy shit, maybe you're in the wrong job. Do you want to do this or not? [[Alright|1-7-quiz]] [[Just asking|1-7-quiz]]Well, we don't get any information about the device. HQ handles that further downstream. But sometimes you can start to see the person behind the camera. [[Yeah, I noticed that|1-7-artist]] [[You mean selfies?|1-7-selfies]]I talk a lot of shit, you know. But someone out there is taking some really cool shots. Anyway, we've got to get these analysed. [[OK|1-7-quiz]]Well, sometimes. Anyway, we've got to get these analysed. [[OK|1-7-quiz]]Hello handsome!! <<noirsvg "images/1/1.7a.1.svg">> [[Hello yourself!|1-7-cyanne-1]] [[Hey gorgeous!|1-7-cyanne-1]]How's it hanging sugar? [[Good thanks|1-7-cyanne-2]] [[Better now!|1-7-cyanne-flirt]]Well aren't you sweet 💖💖💖 <<include "1-7-cyanne-2">>I just wanted to say hi. Hell of day at the Red Hat offices, goodness 😅 [[What's happening?|1-7-cyanne-3]]Um, I can't really talk about that. Sorry 😅😬🕵️‍♀️ [[No problem|1-7-cyanne-business]]Listen, you know why we're here, right? [[We're spying!|1-7-cyanne-spy]] [[We're being spied on!|1-7-cyanne-spy]]Yeah, we think someone is spying on the agency. I know, SPY-CEPTION, right?! 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️ The thing is, we think the leak is actually internal. [[Internal?|1-7-mole]]We think there's a mole. So, like, just watch your back is what I'm saying. Trust no-one. [[Gotcha|1-7-cyanne-trust]] [[🕵️‍♂️|1-7-cyanne-trust]]Oh except me lol 🤣🤣 <<nobr>> <<once "I'll watch your back|1-7-cyanne-back">> <<once "What about Scarlett?|1-7-scarlett">> <</nobr>>hehe I'm sure you will 😘 <<once "What about Scarlett?|1-7-scarlett">>Yeah, I don't know. Scarlett's been a... difficult agent for some time now. Just keep your eyes open. All I'm saying. [[Will do|1-7-fin]]It's been great chatting hun, but I gotta go. This gurl gotta WORK IT!! Catch you later sweetie x [[Bye!|1-8-start]]<<goto "1-day-5">>Another day another dollar huh? [[Yep|1-8-lives]]Don't get complacent. Lives are on the line here. [[Fair enough|1-8-lives-2]] [[But you said|1-8-lives-2]]Look, I've got stuff to do. Here's your work. Get on it. [[Fine|1-8-quiz]]<<set $game="1">> <<quiz 8 n n y n y n n n >> <<goto "quiz-loop">>Nope, something isn't right there. Take another shot. <<include 'tut-menu'>>Look. I know I've been hard on you. I've just learned to be careful with trust in this game. [[Want to talk about it?|1-8-backstory]] [[I smell backstory|1-8-backstory-alt]] [[Whatever|1-8-shortcut]]Guess so... <<include "1-8-backstory">>So I used to have a partner. Another agent. We were deep undercover. Things got intimate. I mean, it happens. It's the danger. [[Where?|1-8-where]] [[Go on|1-8-care]]I can't tell you that. Obviously. [[Of course|1-8-care]]The thing is I really cared about him. Ever known someone who made you feel like... Like you can't breathe if they're in the room? [[Yeah|1-8-care-yeah]] [[Nope|1-8-care-nope]]Right. Stupid as hell, huh? [[Yeah|1-8-care-onwards]] [[It's not stupid|1-8-care-onwards]]You must be tougher than I thought. I admire that. [[Thanks|1-8-care-onwards]]So yeah, I was crazy about him. Then I saw something I shouldn't have. Or I don't know. Maybe I should. [[What did you see?|1-8-caught]]Caught him sleeping with other women. Like, loads of them. Lying bastard. [[Well, he was a spy|1-8-liar]] [[I'm sorry|1-8-apologies]]Yeah, we should get on. [[Just kidding, what's up?|1-8-backstory]] [[Let's go|1-9-start]]Don't apologise, it's- Actually, no, it's nice. [[So he lied to you?|1-8-liar-special]]Yep. <<include "1-8-liar">>Everyone thinks spies are dishonest. That's bullshit. Spies have to be honest. We have to tell the truth. [[Really?|1-8-reality]]It's the only way to not get caught. The secret is to manipulate reality to support multiple truths. And he sure did that. [[What happened?|1-8-body]]I've always been a bit insecure about my body. So flat, right? <<noirsvg "images/1/1.8a.1.svg">> [[Looks good to me|1-8-rake-nice]] [[I see what you mean|1-8-rake-nasty]]Thanks. But I'm like a rake. <<include "1-8-rake">>Right? I'm like a rake. <<include "1-8-rake">>I could never really fit in. You've seen the other Red Hats, right? [[Yes|1-8-body-2]] [[Hell Yes|1-8-body-2]]Right. Full of tits and easy with them. I've never been like that. He said he loved my tiny tits. Made me feel special. [[That bastard|1-8-double-d]] [[You are special|1-8-double-d]]Well, one day I caught him in bed with some double-D slut. So maybe not that special huh. [[I think so|1-8-story-over]] [[Guess not snowflake|1-8-story-over-nasty]]Heh. I deserved that one. <<include "1-8-story-over">>Anyway, after that, I promised myself never to trust again. I've never really told anyone this before. [[I'm glad you did|1-8-thanks]] [[It's good to share|1-8-thanks]]Doesn't mean I don't still fuck around. Anyway, look. Thanks for listening. [[Anytime|1-9-start]] [[Thanks for sharing|1-9-start]]Well, inevitably, more pictures are coming through. Would you do the honours? [[Of course|1-9-quiz]]<<set $game="1">> <<quiz 9 y n y n n n y n >> <<goto "quiz-loop">>Hang on, that's Scarlett! <<include "1-9-end-menu">>Uh, are you sure about those? Something doesn't check out - can you try again? <<include 'tut-menu'>><<if visited() == 1>> What the fuck is she up to? <<else>>I want to know why Scarlett is in these pictures. <</if>> <<nobr>> <<once "Do you see these photos?|1-9-flagged">> <<once "Sure it's her?|1-9-are-you-sure">> <<once "I don't know|1-9-snake">> <</nobr>>Only the ones that don't get flagged. But that really doesn't matter right now. [[I see|1-9-end-menu]]I don't like this. That snake is up to something. I know it. Keep your eyes on her, analyst. [[What's the problem?|1-9-control]]She's in control of the flag feed. God, it's so perfect. She can sell the agency out, then run the operation to investigate the leaks. I'm not going to let that skinny bitch get away with it. [[I see|1-9-listen]] [[She wouldn't do that|1-9-listen]]Listen, you gotta keep a close eye on this for me. If she turns up in any more of these photos, with or without the hat, you gotta let me know. [[Sure|1-9-exit]] [[What will you do?|1-9-questions]]We'll bring her in, find out what she knows. If she's the mole I'm gonna... Hell, I don't know what I'll do. [[I see|1-9-exit]] [[Please be nice!|1-9-exit]]I gotta go make a few calls. This is a seriously worrying development. Please do let me know if you see her again. [[I will|1-10-start]] [[Of course|1-10-start]]Maybe you don't recognise her without the hat? Skinny frame. No tits. Shifty eyes. It's her alright. [[You're right!|1-9-end-menu]] [[If you say so|1-9-end-menu]]<<goto "1-day-6">>I'm off grid today, I gotta take care of something. I'm gonna send the feed straight through to you though. [[Yes boss|1-10-quiz]] [[Thanks|1-10-quiz]]<<set $game="1">> <<quiz 10 n n n y y>> <<goto "quiz-loop">>Uh, are you sure about those? Something doesn't check out - can you try again? [[OK|1-10-quiz]]What the fuck. That's ME! Why is there a photo of ME here? [[I don't know|1-10-wind]]Oh shit, this is bad. Listen. If Cyanne gets wind of this, I'm fucked. [[Thought you were off grid?|1-10-off-grid]] [[Why?|1-10-whats-up]] [[What's up?|1-10-whats-up]]Yeah, well, there's nothing like a stalker to ruin your plans. [[What's going on?|1-10-whats-up]]I can't... I can't tell you. Look, it's... personal. I just need you to keep Cyanne off my back, OK? [[Maybe|1-10-reward]] [[What's in it for me?|1-10-reward]] [[I'll help|1-10-help]]Let's just say I'll make it worth your while. [[I trust you|1-10-reward-2]] [[Maybe|1-10-reward-2]]Also if you sell me out I will hurt you. [[Wow, ok|1-10-help]] [[Fair|1-10-help]] [[Don't worry|1-10-help]]Just keep filtering the feed or she'll get suspicious. You know that she only sees the filtered stuff? The stuff you don't flag. [[Yes|1-10-help-2]] [[No|1-10-explain]]OK, so, when you flag a picture, it comes only to me. Top secret, top priority. If you don't flag a picture, it goes to a common feed. Cyanne gets to see those. [[Got it|1-10-help-2]]Luckily she doesn't seem to have seen me yet. So if I keep my hat on and you do your job properly, I can stay under the radar. And don't tell her where I am, OK? [[OK|1-11-start]]Ok, here comes the feed. Play this straight, alright? Flag anything with a red hat, even if I'm in it. And I'll show you what loyalty is worth. [[Got it|1-11-quiz]] [[Sure|1-11-quiz]]<<set $game="1">> <<quiz 11 y n y n y n n y>> <<goto "quiz-loop">>Shit, something wasn't right there. I've managed to void the feed from my end. That was close. Fuck. Can you try again? Just treat this like normal. Trust me. <<include 'tut-menu'>><<if visited() === 1>> So? What's going on? [[She's at a bar|1-11-confirm-yes]] [[She escaped|1-11-confirm-no]] <<once "What will you do with her?|1-11-action">> <<else>> So, do you know where Scarlett is? [[Yes, she's at a bar|1-11-confirm-yes]] [[No, she escaped|1-11-confirm-no]] <<once "What will you do to her?|1-11-action">><</if>>You've got a location? You're absolutely sure? [[Yes|1-11-capture]] [[No|1-11-end]]Damn, are you sure? [[Yes|1-11-escape]] [[No|1-11-end]]We just want to ask her a few questions. You know, see if she's been selling out the whole agency. Betraying her friends, colleagues and country. That sort of thing. [[Ok|1-11-end]] [[And if she has?|1-11-justice]]Then it'll go to court and justice will be done. Properly. Which is more than she deserves. [[Ok|1-11-end]]YES! A shitty dive bar. That's so perfect. I'll send a team out now. Good job, analyst! [[Thanks|1-11-capture-done]] [[Go easy on her|1-11-capture-2]]It's OK. We're just going to ask a few questions. If she's clean and honest, she has nothing to worry about. [[Great|1-11-capture-done]]We'll be in touch x [[Good hunting!|1-12-start][$choice to "cyanne"]] [[Thanks|1-12-start][$choice to "cyanne"]]Fuck. Fuckity fuckity fucking fuck. [[Sorry|1-11-escape-2]]Bitch has skills, I'll give her that. Alright hun, you did your best. Thanks for trying. [[Any time|1-12-start][$choice to "scarlett"]]<<goto "1-day-7">><<if $choice == "scarlett">> <<goto '1-12-s-0'>> <<else>> <<goto '1-12-c-0'>> <</if>>Hey hun! You've unravelled this whole thing for us. Well done, you. However can we repay you? 😉 [[You tell me|1-12-c-1]] [[How is Scarlett?|1-12-c-scarlett]]Urgh, grumpy as ever. [[Is she in jail?|1-12-c-scarlett-2]] [[Is she OK?|1-12-c-scarlett-2]]Oh she's 2-1-starte. She's just got some explaining to do 😅😅 I'd rather talk about something nicer. Or naughtier 😈 [[Like what?|1-12-c-1]]Well, let me show you how happy you've made me! <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-1.svg>> [[You look great!|1-12-c-2b]] [[Is that it?|1-12-c-2a]]Hehe, oh no, there's a lot more than that <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-2.svg>> [[Not what I expected|1-12-c-3]]Oh shucks. Maybe you deserve a little more of me... [[Yes please!|1-12-c-2b-img]] [[Sure|1-12-c-2b-img]]<<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-2.svg>> [[Not what I expected|1-12-c-3]]Oh, maybe you were thinking something like this? <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-3.svg>> [[Now we're talking|1-12-c-4-intro]] [[That's better!|1-12-c-4-intro]] [[Cheeky!|1-12-c-4-intro]]hehe Well, this was fun, but I should really go. [[Don't go!|1-12-c-4-1a]] [[Don't I deserve more?|1-12-c-4-1b]]Oh I'd love to stay, but it's, uh, getting a little hot in here. If you know what I mean. [[Oh yes|1-12-c-4-img]] [[Um not really!|1-12-c-4-img]]Hmm. I suppose so... Your performance has been exceptional. But anything more would seem, idk, inappropriate? [[No it wouldn't!|1-12-c-4-img]] [[I don't mind|1-12-c-4-img]] [[Who cares?|1-12-c-4-imgb]]Oh, well, OK. Screw it. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-4.svg>> [[Holy shit|1-12-c-5-intro]] [[😍|1-12-c-5-intro]]hehe good answer!! <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-4.svg>> [[Wow!|1-12-c-5-intro]] [[Gorgeous!|1-12-c-5-intro]] [[I'm reporting you!|1-12-c-4-reporting]]hehe, yes, I've been very, very bad. The HR lady is gonna have to punish me. Oh, wait... [[What?|1-12-c-4-reporting2]] [[...|1-12-c-4-reporting2]]I AM the HR lady!! [[Oh boy|1-12-c-5-intro]] [[😂|1-12-c-5-intro]]Actually... I want to show you a secret. Want to see? [[Sure|1-12-c-5]] [[Yes please|1-12-c-5]]I'm not wearing any panties. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-5.svg>> [[Naughty girl|1-12-c-6-intro]] [[Me neither|1-12-c-6-intro-2]]😂😂😂 <<include '1-12-c-6-intro'>>Actually, I never wear panties. [[What, never?|1-12-c-6-2]] [[Yeah, right|1-12-c-6-2]]Seriously - I'm always primed and ready, lol. Adds a little spice to the day 🌶️🔥 [[I like it|1-12-c-6-3]] [[Dirty girl|1-12-c-6-3]]Anyway, where were we? 🤔 [[About waist high|1-12-c-6-img]] [[Making solid progress|1-12-c-6-img]] [[I'm not sure|1-12-c-6-img]]<<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-6.svg>> [[That's right|1-12-c-7]] [[Oh yes|1-12-c-7]]How's the view from here? <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-7.svg>> [[Amazing|1-12-c-8-intro]] [[Lovely|1-12-c-8-intro]]So. I need to work out how to truly thank you for your loyalty. [[Yes|1-12-c-8-1]]Ok. Here goes. Here's everything I have to offer you. Ready? [[Ready!|1-12-c-8-img]] [[👍|1-12-c-8-img]]<<noirsvg images/1/1.12-c-8.svg>> [[Wonderful|1-12-c-9]] [[Gorgeous|1-12-c-9]]hehe this has been great, hun. [[Yes it has|1-12-c-9-1]] [[Aw, is that it?|1-12-c-9-1]]Um, my boss is calling 😬 Awkward. [[haha yeah|1-12-c-9-2]] [[Lucky boss|1-12-c-9-2]]Yeah I'd better take this. I'll text you later x x [[Bye!|2-1-start]]I need a drink. [[You OK?|1-12-s-0b]] [[I know right|1-12-s-0c]]Yeah. Thanks. <<include "1-12-s-0c">>You actually came through for me. I don't really know what to say. [[I tried|1-12-s-1]] [[Of course|1-12-s-1]] [[No problem|1-12-s-1]]I really appreciate you helping out. See? <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-1.svg>> [[You're not even smiling|1-12-s-2b]] [[Not really|1-12-s-2a]]Really? Huh. Maybe this will help. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-2.svg>> [[So what happened?|1-12-s-explain]] [[Helps a bit|1-12-s-3]] [[Does not help|1-12-s-3]]You're looking at the wrong part of the photo. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-2.svg>> [[But where were you?|1-12-s-explain]] [[Good point|1-12-s-3]]I can't tell you that. Not today, anyway. But I can make it up to you. [[Fine|1-12-s-3]] [[Not good enough|1-12-s-3-wobble]]Hey, I'm trying here. You know what, this was a bad idea. [[No, carry on|1-12-s-3]] [[Try harder|1-12-s-3]]I think I need another drink. Hang on. [[Hurry back|1-12-s-3b]] [[Cheers|1-12-s-3b]]You really helped me out today. You could have turned your back. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-3.svg>> [[I would never|1-12-s-4]] [[You're so hot|1-12-s-4]]You stuck your ass out for me. [[Your turn|1-12-s-4a]] [[My pleasure|1-12-s-4b]]Sure, you've earned it. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-4.svg>> <<include "1-12-s-4-menu">>Guess I should do the same for you. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-4.svg>> <<include "1-12-s-4-menu">>[[Gorgeous|1-12-4-drink]] [[Not bad|1-12-4-drink]]Another shot for me. Cheers! [[Cheers|1-12-s-5-intro]]So what's next for you? You gonna stay in the job? [[Yes|1-12-s-5-yes]] [[Maybe|1-12-s-5-maybe]] [[Doubt it|1-12-s-5-doubt]]Good. I don't entirely hate having you around. [[Nice to be here|1-12-s-5b]] [[Oh yeah?|1-12-s-5b]]Oh? Don't tell me Cyanne's got you worried? She's not worth the drama. I'm sure we can tempt you to stay on. [[I've got some ideas?|1-12-s-5a]] [[I doubt it|1-12-s-5a]]I'd hate to lose a good analyst like you. Don't let Cyanne worry you. She's a nuclear grade bitch, but she's not gonna hurt anyone. [[Give me a reason|1-12-s-5a]] [[It's not that|1-12-s-5a]]Maybe this will convince you. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-5.svg>> [[That could work|1-12-s-6-alt-1]] [[Still not seeing a smile|1-12-s-5-no-smile]]The smile costs extra. [[How much?|1-12-s-5-extra]] [[What else you got?|1-12-s-6-alt-3]]More than you've got. But let's stay on-task here. [[Sure, where were we?|1-12-s-6-alt-2]]In fact I'm enjoying it more by the minute. See? <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-5.svg>> [[Me too|1-12-s-6-alt-1]]Oh yeah? Hmm. Shame there's really not a lot more I can do. <<include "1-12-s-6">>Uh, I was trying to make a point. But I think we've reached the end of the line. <<include "1-12-s-6">>Well, that's about it. <<include "1-12-s-6">>Unless... [[Unless?|1-12-s-6b]] [[Unless!|1-12-s-6b]]I can't believe I'm gonna send you this. [[.|1-12-s-6c]] [[..|1-12-s-6c]] [[...|1-12-s-6c]] [[I'm waiting...|1-12-s-6c]]Be patient. I'm drinking. [[Dutch courage?|1-12-s-6d]] [[Drink up|1-12-s-6d]]Yeah. Actually, no. I'm not gonna send it. I'm not a slut like Cyanne. [[Please?|1-12-s-6-beg]] [[Coward|1-12-s-6-coward]]Oh don't beg, Christ. Show some backbone. [[Sorry|1-12-s-6-sorry]] [[I deserve more|1-12-s-6-onward]]And don't apologise! Jeez, what are you, a puppy? [[Yep|1-12-s-6-onward]] [[Nope|1-12-s-6-onward]]Oh fuck you. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-6.svg>> [[That worked?!|1-12-s-7a]] [[I'll drink to that|1-12-s-7a]]Ok, fuck it, you deserve this. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-6.svg>> [[That's more like it|1-12-s-7a]] [[I'll drink to that|1-12-s-7a]]Look. Honestly. Thank you for your help yesterday. Maybe one day I can tell you more. But for now, this is all I can do. [[Show me|1-12-s-7b]]<<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-7.svg>> [[Beautiful|1-12-s-8a]] [[Not bad|1-12-s-8a]]Time for another drink. This one's on me. [[What do you mean?|1-12-s-8]] [[Cheers!|1-12-s-8]]Cheers. <<noirsvg images/1/1.12-s-8.svg>> [[Thanks|1-12-s-9]]Look, I gotta go. I'm suddenly out of booze?? And kind of need a shower. I'll be in touch. [[Bye!|1-12-s-9b]]And if you show these pictures to anyone else... You're dead. [[💀|2-1-start]]<<nobr>><<if ($quiz.length) == 0>> <<goto "quiz-end">> <<else>> <<set $answer to $quiz.shift()>> <<set $step += 1>> <<if window.hasSVG($game + "." + $round + "." + $step)>> <<noirsvg>> <<else>> [img["images/placeholder/"+ $game + "." + $round + "." + $step + ".png"]] <</if>> <div class="action-buttons"> <<link "No" `passage()`>> <<if $answer.toLowerCase().startsWith("n")>> <<set $score += 1>> <</if>> <</link>> <<link "Yes" `passage()`>> <<if $answer.toLowerCase().startsWith("y")>> <<set $score += 1>> <</if>> <</link>> </div> <</if>><</nobr>><<if ($step - $score) lte $tolerance>> <<goto $game+"-"+$round+"-end">> <<else>> <<goto $game+"-"+$round+"-fail">> <</if>><<if tags().includes('Scarlett') || tags().includes('Cyanne')>><<nobr>> <div class="email-top-wrapper" style="display:none"> <div class="email-top email-top--message"> <<if tags().includes('Scarlett')>> <img src="images/ui/scarlett-profile.png" class="email-top__profile"> <p class="email-top__message">From: Agent Scarlett<br/>+1-202-555-0146</p> <<elseif tags().includes('Cyanne')>> <img src="images/ui/cyanne-profile.png" class="email-top__profile"> <p class="email-top__message">From: Agent Cyanne<br />+1-202-720-1529</p> <</if>> </div> </div> <</nobr>><</if>><<set $game="1">> <<checkpoint>> You must be the new recruit. <<nobr>> [[Reporting in!|intro-shortcut]] <<once 'Me?|intro-explain-analyst'>> <<once 'How did you get this number?|intro-number'>> <</nobr>>Good. <<include 'intro-1'>><<if hasVisited("intro-explain-analyst")>> <<goto '1-1-start'>> <<else>> Ready to begin? <<nobr>> [[Ready|1-1-start]] <<once 'Wait, begin what?|intro-explain-analyst'>> <</nobr>> <<endif>>You gave it to us. Don't be cute, we've got work to do. [[Sure, whatever|intro-1]] <<once "Um, who are you?|intro-explain-analyst">>Did Agent Cyanne not send you the details? Christ. [[Uh, no|intro-explain-analyst-2]] [[Oh yeah, never mind|intro-1]]You've signed up to be an analyst working for Red Hat surveillance agency. Help us catch bad guys. Welcome etc. [[Alright|intro-1]] [[Nice to be here|intro-1]] <<once 'How did you get this number?|intro-number'>><<nobr>><<script>>$('#day-ground').toggleClass('show'); $('#day-sky').addClass('enter')<</script>><</nobr>><<nobr>><<timed 2.6s>><<script>>$(['#day-ground', '#week-title']).toggleClass('show'); <</script>><</timed>><</nobr>> <!-- This will nicely animate out sky and vista --><<nobr>> <<script>> $('#day-sky').toggleClass(['exit', 'enter']); $('#passages .passage').remove() <</script>> <<timed 0.9s>> <<script>> $('#day-sky').toggleClass('exit'); <</script>> <<goto $transitionTo>> <</timed>> <</nobr>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/1/1-day-1.svg"]] <<link "DAY ONE" >><<set $transitionTo='new-game'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week one</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/1/1-day-2.svg"]] <<link "DAY TWO" >><<set $transitionTo='1-3-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week one</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/1/1-day-3.svg"]] <<link "DAY THREE" >><<set $transitionTo='1-5-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week one</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/1/1-day-4.svg"]] <<link "DAY FOUR" >><<set $transitionTo='1-6-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week one</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/1/1-day-5.svg"]] <<link "DAY FIVE" >><<set $transitionTo='1-8-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week one</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/1/1-day-6.svg"]] <<link "DAY SIX" >><<set $transitionTo='1-10-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week one</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/1/1-day-7.svg"]] <<link "LATER" >><<set $transitionTo='1-12-branch'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week one</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/2/2-day-1.svg"]] <<link "DAY ONE" >><<set $transitionTo='2-1-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week two</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/2/2-day-2.svg"]] <<link "DAY TWO" >><<set $transitionTo='2-2-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week two</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/2/2-day-3.svg"]] <<link "DAY THREE" >><<set $transitionTo='2-5-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week two</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/2/2-day-4.svg"]] <<link "DAY FOUR" >><<set $transitionTo='2-7-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week two</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/2/2-day-5.svg"]] <<link "DAY FIVE" >><<set $transitionTo='2-8-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week two</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/2/2-day-6.svg"]] <<link "DAY SIX" >><<set $transitionTo='2-10-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week two</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/2/2-day-7.svg"]] <<link "DAY SEVEN" >><<set $transitionTo='2-12-intro'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week two</span> <<include 'day-post'>><<include 'day-pre'>> [img["images/2/2-day-8.svg"]] <<link "DAY EIGHT" >><<set $transitionTo='2-13-quiz'>><<include 'day-exit-transition'>><</link>> <span id="week-title">week two</span> <<include 'day-post'>> <!--The twee build tool actually ignores StoryMenu (grr) so we have to fix this in the build --><a onclick=",'_blank','location=no');return false;" href="">Support this game on Patreon</a> <a onclick=",'_blank','location=no');return false;" href="">Get emailed when this game is updated</a> <a onclick=",'_blank','location=no');return false;" href="">More games like this</a> <<include "chapter-select">>[[I don't get it|tut-recap]] <<include 'tut-resume'>><<link "Try again" $game+"-"+$round+"-quiz">><</link>>Look, it's very simple. You gotta flag pictures with a red hat in them. You see a red hat, you press the red button. <<nobr>><p style="margin: 0px; pading 0px;text-align: center"> <div class="action-buttons" style="grid-template-columns: none; width: 180px;"> <a style="display: none;"></a> <div style="background-color:black; width: calc(100% - 10px);"> <a style="width: 100%"></a> </div> </div> </p><</nobr>> [[Can I see an example?|tut-example]] [[Got it|tut-return]]Sure. Here's a red hat. When you see something like this, hit the red flag button. <<noirsvg "images/eg.svg">> [[Got it|tut-return]]OK, let's try this again. <<include 'tut-resume'>><<if random(1, 10) > 7>> Nope, I've got a red flag on that. Take another look. <<elseif random(1, 10) > 7>> Uh no, that's not right. Take another swing. <<elseif random(1, 10) > 7>> Looks like you got something wrong there. You'd better try that again. <<else>> Something wasn't right there. Wanna try that again? <</if>> <<include 'tut-menu'>>[[To be continued...|fin-credits]]<p>You have reached the end of the Lewd Mod: Noir demo</p> <p>The whole game is available on The HH Richards Patreon</p> <p><a onclick=",'_system','location=no');return false;" href="">Patreon</a> <a href="" target="_system">Mailing List</a> </p> <p>This game was made by Cisco Donovan <a href="" target="_system">Cisco Donovan</a></p> <p>All art was drawn by Søft <a href="" target="_system">Søft</a></p> [[Back to Menu|Start]]<p>Thanks for playing!</p> <p><a onclick=",'_system','location=no');return false;" href="">Give Feedback</a></p> <p><p>Lewd Mod: Noir was written and created by Cisco Donovan.</p><a href="" target="_system">More by Cisco Donovan</a></p> <p><p>It was illustrated by Søft.</p><a href="" target="_system">More by Søft</a></p> [[Next|fin-credits-2]]<p>Lewd Mod: Noir is an HH Richards game.</p> <p>Subscribe for emails when more games like this are released. <a href="" target="_system">Subscribe</a></p> <p>All the images from this game are available on my Patreon.</p> <a onclick=",'_system','location=no');return false;" href="">Patreon</a> <a href="" target="_system">More games like this</a> <br /> [[Back to Menu|Start]]<p>If you enjoyed this game or spotted some bugs please give feedback using the link below! <a onclick=",'_system','location=no');return false;" href="">Feedback survey</a></p> <p>You can subscribe to get an email when I create other games like this. <a href="" target="_system">Subscribe</a></p> <p>All the images from this game are available on my Patreon <a onclick=",'_system','location=no');return false;" href="">View Patreon</a> <a href="" target="_system">More games like this</a></p>